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    Homestay in Ta Van Village - Sapa - Viet Nam
    We have a range of trekking tours available for you to choose from that have been specifically designed to enable you to experience some of the very best landscape and scenery that Vietnam has to offer. During the treks you will have the opportunity to sleep in bamboo huts in an ethnic minority village or under the stars in a tent or in a local family house.

    Most of our treks start with a jeep ride to take us out of town to where the real adventure starts. Your french, chinese English, Vietnamese speaking guide will be able to answer questions about the countryside as well as local ethnic minority cultures and customs.

    During the treks you will only have to carry a small day pack with your personal belongings and of course your camera. Porters from the Black Hmong ethnic minority hill tribe will carry the rest of your luggage in special watertight bags for two, three four dayshard trekking and over.

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