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    At 3143 meters above sea level in the Northwestern part of Vietnam, Mount Fan Si Pan - the highest summit in Indochina is located. It forms a significant part of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range,

    Top of Fansipan moutain
    which is a part of the Nui Lien Nature Reserve and encompasses approximately 30-km²of mountainous landscapes. The reserve contains temperate and sub temperate forests and provides habitats for a variety of plant and animal species of which, some are endemic to Northwest Vietnam.

    Hung Vy Tours is specialized in organizing climbs of Fan Si Pan from two to four days depending on the individual needs and the fitness of the climbers. All climbs are led by one of our experienced English speaking Vietnamese guides, a cook that will prepare tasteful and plentiful meals and our team of Black Hmong porters that will carry all the needed equipment - also provided by us. For your safety, our team is trained in first-aid and rescue procedures in the unlikely case of an accident.

    We strongly suggest the two , three or four days climbs - unless you are very fit and eager to have some long and quite hard days of trekking!

    The climb does not demand high technical skills of the climbers, but a certain level of coordination, fitness and endurance is essential before the rewarding view towards Laos and China is obtained!

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